Your taxi in private form, for a trip without worries.

Flash Driver offers a chauffeur-driven car rental service of all types: business, ceremonial or classic.

Chauffeur-driven car rental is a taxi service offered under a private form which operates through bookings: unlike taxis, which offer a public service that operates on requests and fixes rates according to their taximeters, Flash Driver has a fixed fare which is agreed upon with the client at the beginning of the route. This way, even if there were to be traffic or if a deviation of the original route were need, there would be no risk for the client to have to pay extra.

Furthermore, chauffeur-driven car rental has the same advantages as taxis, regarding road traffic. Our vehicles can drive through bus/taxi lanes, as well as through areas where traffic is limited to certain vehicles or residents (ZTL), and they are enabled to drive on days in which traffic is blocked for normal vehicles.

We have vehicles of all types, from luxury cars to buses, always ready to take off and take you wherever you desire.

Our services include:
• Business Tranfers
• Airport Transfers
• Transportation from one city to the other, also covering long distances
• Transportation for ceremonies or congresses
• Hostess services or interpreters coordinated by us
• Transportation for touristic tours – shopping

Upon request, we also transport objects from one destination to the other, for private clients or companies in need of immediate transfer services and who do not wish to use a courier.

Last but not least, the taxi service for EXPO 2015: near the Expo campus there are 350 parking spots available exclusively for car rental services and our agency has a fast track lane available for us to enter. Thanks to Flash Driver you will be able to skip queues at Expo 2015.