FLASHDRIVER, the chauffeur-driven car rental service in Bergamo.

For 20 years, we have been a fleet of drivers operating 24 hours a day with a leading role in the chauffeur-driven car rental business, based in Bergamo.

We are a consolidated enterprise, which grows continuously, year after year, improving its personalized services to fit and anticipate its customers’ requests before they even express them.

The chauffeur-driven rental service offered by FLASHDRIVER is a public service presented under a private form, which, unlike taxis, is operated through bookings. We are always up to date with the market and we proudly distinguish ourselves from our competitors by caring for small details, such as fresh water and refreshing serviettes, which are always available on board of the vehicle, as well as candy in the armrest and newspapers in various languages to entertain passengers of any nationality.

Every Flash Driver chauffeur is registered in the Italian roster of drivers. FLASHDRIVER chauffeurs offer their services wearing a uniform, with suit and tie, and also speak English perfectly. They know all itineraries and can easily move around the entire Lombard territory.

Particular attention is given to the environment, as we are the first company with eco-fleet vehicles that use biological fuel, as well as electric vehicles that are capable of maintaining high standards of quality based on emissions. What distinguishes the company most of all is the arrival of a new car, which is completely electric, as well as being luxurious and efficient: the new Tesla model S, a car with a sporty design and elevated performance. With the arrival of the Tesla S we are able to guarantee a completely exclusive and UNIQUE service in the entire Lombard Region.

Lastly, whichever may be your reasons for travel, we guarantee the maximum discretion and confidentiality for a service that is offered at 360°.


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Corporate headquarter
Corso Roma, 156 24068 Seriate (Bergamo) - Italy

Legal headquarters
Via Angelo Maj, 10 24121 Bergamo - Italy